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Healthy Lean Dog Food Recipe

Organising your pups meal plans can be costly and time consuming. I am writing this for owners to help with the daily struggle of chores and a health lifestyle for your pup, without processed meals. This easy 10 step process will have your pup on a healthy, affordable meal plan. This is a lean meat low fat recipe.

Step 1

Shopping list - Feeds 45kg to 55kg dog.

Breakfast and Dinner at 500gs a feed. This recipe will make a total of 20 feeds.

  • Chicken mince 2kg $18

  • Turkey mince 1kg $12

  • Sardines 10 cans $13

  • Kangaroo mince 1kg $11

  • Brown rice $5

  • Lactose free yogurt 500g $5 Why Lactose, dogs actually can't have Lactose !

  • Pumpkin 1 half $2.50

  • Beef bone 1 large bone $5

  • Frozen mix veggies $3

  • Plain muesli $4

$78.00 a fornight that $39.00 a week !


  • Muesli

  • Yogurt

  • Sardines

  • Pumpkin


Cook 3 cups of muesli this can be stored in a container placed in the fridge and used for the next 3 days. Each morning, add 1 cup of cooked muesli with tablespoon of lactose free yogurt. Add one tin of sardines and a small handful of cooked pumpkin, always weigh the food to make sure you have the correct amount at 500g each feed. If a little light add blue berrys or some sliced apple.


Poach meats separately. I cook up once a week, I do all 3 types of meat in 3 seperate pots. Cook 4 kgs of rice and 4 cups of frozen veggies.

The ratio is 50% rice and 50% percent meat, with 1 cup of veggies. Place into 4 seperate containers. Each container should all weigh 2kgs each.


Place in containers and freeze until needed.


Give once a week, make sure the bone has no fat.

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